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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Collect initial and ongoing premium payments, generate invoices, delinquencies and cancellation notices all from our secure INSXCloud Platform.

Payment Gateway Highlights

Initial Payments

We manage initial premium payments through 209 payment redirects from the Federally Facilitated Marketplace as well as for policies purchased directly through your site. In addition, we can automatically generate initial invoices based on your business rules.

On-going Payments

Manage electronic on-going payments through your own in-house systems or via a third party payment gateway. You decide the level of payment support that best fits your company.


We automatically generate initial invoices as well as on-going invoices via email, mail, or both; with the ability to customize the invoicing business rules to meet your specific needs.

Delinquency and Cancellation Notices

We automatically generate delinquency and cancellation notices via email, mail, or both; with the ability to customize the delinquency and cancellation business rules to meet your specific needs.

Premium Collections Services

White-label our premium collections services and we will collect premium payments for you. Our in-house collections service staff is well trained and ready to serve you.

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