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What People are Saying About Us

  • Dave Cunix

    Cunix Insurance Services

    Tech support has been outstanding.  I have had to call while a client has been in the office and your guys have been a real help.

  • John LaFevre

    Independent Agent

    As a “retired” 25-year corporate HR senior leader I feel like I have purchased about every kind of  support software known to mankind ranging from all the big world-known names to even once building our own homegrown HR and time and attendance  system for 20,000 employees….(that is a bad flashbacks from back in the day.)  The INSX platform was the best value of any software I have ever purchased.   INSX  did not ask me for a testimonial.  After using INSX Cloud  for over one hundred enrollments, I e-mailed them and asked if I could give a testimonial.  Easy, functional, powerful, and low cost…..not a bad combo!!


    If you are working with the Affordable Care Act for individuals or helping small companies work through the decision process regarding group versus individual strategies…buy it and then send me a birthday present as a “Thank you.”  INSX can just forward to me. 


    When was the last time you were overwhelmingly amazed and deeply appreciative of a software platform? 

  • Jocelyn D. Boland

    Southeastern Insurance Consultants

    INSX Cloud is the most efficient way to quote and enroll during the ACA open enrollment.  I could not possibly write the volume of business that I have without it.  The ease of use and the fact it saves hours of time by producing professional personalized proposals has made quoting a breeze and enrollment just a few clicks away.  The Intake Form allows me the confidence and protection I need to complete FFM enrollments and renewals on behalf of my clients.

  • Nicki Miklos

    InsureOne Benefits

    I wanted to take a minute to offer our sincere appreciation to the My1Hr/INSX Tech Support Team.

    It is so refreshing to know that when we contact the Tech Support Team, someone is always there to assist, no matter what.

    Their professionalism, helpfulness and knowledge provides technical support not achievable without their service and is something that is hard to find these days.

    We greatly appreciate all of their continued support.

    Thank you again for everything!

  • Deborah Gazey

    DiStefano Insurance Services, Canal Fulton, OH

    Thanks for the good work. You have made my life so much easier…so glad we found INSX Cloud. I put in a plug for you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  • Drew Bismack

    My Family Health Insurance, Cadillac MI

    My1HR’s enrollment portal is a dream come true! No more twenty minute hold times with the government! Wish I would have found this last year! 

  • Chad Astle

    Director of Consumer Services Fiorella Insurance Agency, Stuart FL

    INSX Cloud is what every agent dreamed of using last open enrollment. The direct enrollment process is essential for any brokerage, agency, or agent that wants to be successful during open enrollment 2015. INSX Cloud makes the entire process from the opening conversation with the potential client, to the end sale, to the tracking down policy information in the future as easy as possible.

    Having clients that can’t get past the identity verification process at the beginning of the Government’s website? With INSX Cloud you skip that part. I timed myself processing an application with this software, under 5 minutes. Open Enrollment is only 3 months long, I couldn’t afford to waste a minute of my time dealing with the Governments verification issues.

  • Business Benefits of Ohio Staff

    Business Benefits of Ohio, North Canton OH

    Business Benefits of Ohio has been using INSXCloud Broker Platform since April 2014 and it has simplified a very time consuming and labor intensive process. The system is user friendly and provides our agency with an efficient way of communicating quotes to our clients. The service and support we receive from the INSXCloud staff has been timely and accurate. We highly recommend INSXCloud Broker Platform.

  • Christy Lyons

    VP – Lyons & Associates, Midlothian VA

    Our company has been using your software/program now for 6 months and I can’t begin to tell you how much easier this has made our life! We use to have to go to each carrier to run the quote, then when we met with the client all of the benefits were laid out in a different format. Now we can run quotes from one website, narrow down by on/off exchange, by metal tier, by carrier, ….

    The software is very user friendly. But most important to us is that whenever we have a problem or a question you have always been available, and that means the most to us to be able to reach you. There were even times when you were able to help us with an issue that in no way involved your software. Your resources and knowledge have been invaluable! Thanks for the support and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

  • Jason Mackey

    M & A Prime Benefits, Charleston SC

    I recommend this system to anyone enrolling ACA plans. The system saves you valuable time by bypassing the cumbersome Marketplace account setup and time consuming identity verification process. The technical support and service is excellent. They are available when you need them.

  • Tim Hanbury

    Hanbury Group, Columbia SC

    I was ready to pull my hair out after spending 7 hours to get one person enrolled into Healthcare.gov because we couldn’t verify his identity. The gentleman had never lived in another state and was a lifelong resident in the same home he grew up in. Yet, Healthcare.gov couldn’t verify him. I did finally get him enrolled but I knew there had to be a better way or I needed to change my career. This couldn’t continue if I was to remain “sane”.

    Fortunately, I saw an email that led me to INSX Cloud and thank God it did. Their systems takes me out of having to set up accounts in Healthcare.gov and I don’t have to verify anyone’s identity anymore. It’s been such a blessing to have a system that I can go to and cut the time I spend enrolling someone in half. Plus, with the INSX system, I have all their data stored at my fingertips when I need it. It’s made enrolling individuals cost effective and it gave me back my sanity. I wouldn’t be enrolling individuals into Healthcare.gov if I didn’t have this system. Worth every dollar!!!!

  • Mark Glandon

    Glandon Insurance, Virginia Beach VA

    Scott has put together a great product. He and his team are very knowledgeable, helpful and always very quick to respond to any question or need we may have. If only healthcare.gov were run by My1HR!

  • Patsy J Akridge

    President Akridge Insurance & Financial Services, Martinsville VA

    We were fortunate enough to be on the pilot program through Coventry Healthcare at the start-up on the 2014 Open Enrollment Affordable Care Act.  During this process we contracted with My1HR for assistance with our ACA on-line enrollments. This service proved invaluable for easier and quicker access to the Healthcare.gov Portal. My1HR had knowledge of many critical components of the enrollment process that we were not aware.

    This improved our rate of enrollment success that increase our profitability. The technical support, customer service and on-demand reports helped us navigate through the entire process with ease.

    The entire My1HR Team worked relentlessly with our team and clients. After the ACA Open Enrollment process ended, we retained our relationship with the My1HR Team to provide on-line enrollments for several of our large groups. This process was very successful. My1HR certainly is my enrollment specialist that came to depend on and can count on to come through for me every time!

  • Alan Jones

    TPA Benefits, Henrico VA

    Thank you for your work this year with us. Finding your services made a huge difference in our business. Prior to your system, we were considering getting out of the individual health insurance market. We just did not see how to make it profitable. Your website changed all that. Everything became easier – Quoting all carriers from the same platform, consistent look and feel to all quotes going out, user-friendly system, the ability to let clients and prospect get accurate quotes on a website that was NOT going to result in endless calls and emails from shady characters.

    This was worth the price of admission. But when you actually sold one and had to get through the maze that is healthcare.gov…. THAT is where you really shined. The process is infinitely easier going through your quote system. We had very few problems and when we did, we could call your office instead of healthcare.gov. That was a life-saver.

    As you can tell, I am a fan. I can’t imagine doing individual health insurance any other way. Thank you for everything you have done for us! I will be a reference for you anytime.


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