Insurance Agents

Whether you’re new to the ACA Marketplace or have been helping clients get coverage since the original launch of, INSXCloud has features that can help you grow your business. Join our community of over 7500 agents actively using INSXCloud to quote, enroll and manage their on and off-exchange health business.

All On-Exchange Issuers on the EDE platform:

INSXCloud allows you to use the EDE platform for every on-exchange issuer in your market, it is not limited to certain carriers.

Flexible Fees:

You can choose among our various fee packages or ask us about how you can use the site at no cost to you.

Tech Support Your Way:

When you are busy and you need access to support fast, you can receive live help from one of our Akron, OH based tech support team members or complete a ticket.

Technology for Your Business Model:

INSXCloud works on your personal computer, tablet or mobile device.

Enhanced Provider Lookup:

Enter all your client’s providers during the quoting process and see which issuers include those providers in their network.

Callout for Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) Eligibility:

Don’t let your client miss out on a CSR. This feature makes sure that you and your client are notified of eligibility when they qualify for a CSR.

Platform Training:

While the platform is designed to be plug and play, having access to live and recorded training is the best way to get the full value of our features and add-ons.

Manage Renewals, Life Changes and SEPs all on One Site:

Look up members and manage client changes and renewals all on our site.