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Issuer Platform


INSXCloud Issuer Platform

Issuer Platform Highlights

Custom Branding

Give your Platform the look and feel that you want by branding with your company logo, color theme, and unique URL.

Private Labeling

Provide preferred Brokers and Employer groups with their own custom branded subdomain, including company logos, color themes, and unique URL’s.

Direct Enrollment

Direct Enrollment allows Brokers and applicants to enroll through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace in less time – starting and ending on your branded INSXCloud Platform.

Manage Brokers

Create unlimited numbers of Agency and Producer accounts, as well as manage licensing, quoting activity, and enrollments. In addition, set up permissions-based Account Executive and Quoter roles for internal staff for additional tracking capabilities.

Broker Tools

In addition to broker quoting and enrollment, give your brokers quick access to subsidy calculators, enrollment tracking, commission reporting, commonly used issuer forms and plan summaries.

Manage Plans & Rates

We support all major lines of coverage (medical, dental, vision, life, disability and worksite) as well as age-banded, composite, and base rate (ACA structured) rating sets.

Manage Plan Documents

Store documents on the site such as Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBC’s), Schedules of Benefits, and brochures unique to your company – making them easily accessible to issuer staff, brokers and members.

Plan Display information

Enter and manage unlimited fields to describe an offered Plan through an intuitive interface.

SBC Tool

Manage SBC information from the Platform, including calculating coverage examples, and quickly generate SBC’s to a Word Template.

The INSXCloud Issuer Platform saves insurance companies time and money and helps deliver a better customer experience.

Manage plans, brokers, group and individual member enrollments, plus payments all from the same user-friendly interface.

Plan Management

Management of Plan benefits and rates using MySQL database with a web interface that is easy to use and maintain

Quoting Engine

Both consumers and brokers can quickly generate group and individual quotes and enroll in plans – both on and off exchange

Enrollment Processing

EDI integration and 834 data processing through HealthCare.gov plus group and individual off exchange enrollment processing

Broker Portal

Web interface for Brokers to view and sell the insurance plans, including Direct Enrollment with HealthCare.gov

Payment Gateway Integration

Support of 209 redirects from CMS plus reconciliation with Payment Gateway providers

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