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HealthCare.gov Connectivity

HealthCare.gov Connectivity

Fully integrate your current systems with CMS for a smooth customer experience from beginning to end.

HealthCare.gov Connectivity Highlights

Direct Enrollment

Direct Enrollment allows brokers and applicants to enroll through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace in less time – starting and ending on your branded INSXCloud Platform. Our platform allows you to easily manage and track your direct enrollments.

834 File Processing

We process your 834 enrollments and change in circumstance files and store them to a secure database as well as enable you to transmit member effectuations, reinstatements, and cancellations to CMS.

SHOP Enrollment Processing

SHOP allows brokers and small businesses to enroll groups through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace. Our platform simplifies the process for setting up and managing your SHOP enrollments.

Pre-Audit Files

We automatically process CMS’s enrollment pre-audit files to maintain the accuracy of your enrollment data and detect and report inconsistencies.

Baseline File Processing

Periodically, CMS requests that issuers synchronize baseline enrollment data between their system and yours. We work closely with CMS to ensure overall data integrity between the two systems.

Payment Processing

We manage initial premium payments through 209 payment redirects from the Federally Facilitated Marketplace as well as for policies purchased directly through your site.

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